Slim massage + foot massage (a combination of slimming massage and foot massage)
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Slim massage + foot massage (a combination of slimming massage and foot massage)

This type of massage lasts 1.5 hours. It combines a cosmetology massage with a unique Thai slimming cream (about 1 hour) and a foot massage (30 minutes). The performance of slimming massages is brought to perfection in Thailand, like all other types of massages. During the massage the hands of the master perform vigorous movements, with which the anti-cellulite cream is "hammered" under the skin. This kind of massage cannot be called such that brings pleasure during its carrying out. The procedure itself requires some patience on the part of the visitor. To achieve the cherished goal - to reduce the volume of your body by a certain amount of centimeters, you will have to suffer the fact that the masters are actively "patting" the areas of the body that are prone to cellulite and, that the active ingredient ginger, which is part of the cream, will warm the skin and for some time you will feel a burning sensation.

The session begins with a foot massage. The master with the help of fingers and a special stick for foot massage, made of teak wood, gently and effectively debugs the work of the whole organism, acting on the biologically active points of the foot and shin. For this type of massage is used a massage foot cream with moisturizing, soft, light and gentle texture and smell of a Thai Moke flower. The cream is completely absorbed by the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it, leaving no sticky sensation. The cream retains a long time feeling of freshness and moisturizing, is enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients, and has antibacterial properties. As you know, there are more than 60 acupuncture points on the legs - projections of internal organs. Thanks to the unique Thai technique of pressing and massaging these points, fatigue and swelling of the legs are removed, blood pressure is normalized, pains in the lower back, muscles and joints are passed, arthritis and headaches are less, insomnia disappears, digestive problems, stress-related ailments, improves lymph and blood circulation, work of internal organs.

Then the massage continues from the position of the client lying on his/her side, then on the stomach and at the end of the procedure the client is turned over on his/her back. Particular attention is paid to problem areas: waist, stomach, thighs and gluteal area. Also, at the request of the client, you can add to the procedure areas of the body that require additional attention.

It perfectly tones the muscles, creating a lifting effect, and also increases the vascular conduction (i.e., improves blood circulation), stimulating the outflow of venous blood and the movement of lymph. In addition to the above, slim massage has a detox effect, enhances metabolic processes in the body.

You will get pleasure after the massage, when you see that you have to change the wardrobe, because the things you have at your disposal "freely hang" on you. The cream used during massage helps to eliminate toxins, promotes the disposal of excess fatty deposits. Passing the course of slimming massages in combination with exercise and rational nutrition will ensure you with a guaranteed positive result.

Preferring this type of massage, you simultaneously get a wonderful cosmetic effect and recovery of the whole organism!