Traditional Thai massage + pahop (hot pouches with Thai herbs)
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Traditional Thai massage + pahop (hot pouches with Thai herbs)

This massage is performed with herbal pouches (pahop) and involves the combination of two massage techniques: traditional Thai massage and massage with hot herbal pouches.

Before use, pouches of dry Thai medicinal herbs are heated on a steam bath, after that the master applies them to the acupuncture points on the body. This procedure is completely painless and promotes deep relaxation. It has a neurosedative feature, sleep improves, pain and tension are removed, the body is cleansed of toxins, fatigue is eliminated, immunity is increased, and self-regulation mechanisms of the organism are restored. We also recommend this kind of massage for the prevention of acute respiratory and catarrhal diseases and during the rehabilitation period after respiratory diseases.

Herbal pouches ingredients

Recipes of mixtures for compresses for many centuries were stored in temples and were passed only by word of mouth by healers and monks, because they had such a strong effect that they could cure the most seriously ill, therefore sometimes they were considered a sorcery potion.

In fact, there is no magic here. If you have the necessary knowledge about plants, you can make the same medicinal mix. You just have to know in which forests to collect these medicinal herbs, roots, flowers and fruits, and some can be found and collected only in a certain phase of the moon.

These recipes have survived to this day, and moreover, have found wide application. Our masters and experts from Thailand know the necessary combinations of herbs, and they will gladly help you to get rid of any ailments. By inhaling aromatic vapors of medicinal herbs, you relieve stress, and can simply relax and take a break from the rabid rhythm of modern life in the metropolis.

How massage with herbal pouches is done?

The session of this massage includes several stages: a full body massage, as with traditional Thai massage (about 1 hour), then massage with hot herbal pouches. The client lies on his stomach, and the master applies the warmed pouches to the various back zones. Then, with a smooth pressure, moves to the shoulder area, shoulder blades, collar zone and hand area. Again, he/she goes down to the pelvic area, moving to the leg and foot zone. Then the client turns over and the master works with the front surface of the thighs...

The sequence of methods depends on the client's condition and the duration of the massage. You can ask the master to pay more attention to the areas of the body in which you feel discomfort or pain.


After a massage, the body feels pleasantly warm and relaxed. Movements become free and easy. Sensations are, as if you visited sauna, but without stress on the cardiovascular system and burns of the mucous membranes, while retaining vitality and activity.

Massage effects:
  • Restores the central nervous system: improves sleep and emotional state, eliminates the effects of stress;

  • Stimulates and enhances immunity;

  • Eliminates inflammation, muscle tension and stagnation in the body tissues;

  • Improves metabolic processes and the work of the respiratory system of the body;

  • Stimulates the activities of organs and systems in general.