Traditional Thai Massage
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Traditional Thai massage

The foundation of the traditional Thai massage is built on the theory of invisible energy lines running through the body, on which are located important acupuncture points, which are responsible for the work of internal organs and body systems.

The Thai system requires a genuinely kind relationship between the masseur and the patient. It is based on a kind of universal energy, represented in two opposite essences, complementing each other - Yin and Yang. As in the entire vast universe, so in various points of the human body, Yin and Yang should be in a strict balance. The purpose of the Thai massage practice is mainly to bring the body to its harmonious state, quickly achieving both deep relaxation and an intense influx of vital force.

A skilled masseur, acting on energy points and lines, restores the flows of "prana" (according to the philosophy of yoga - vital energy) and promotes healing. Thai massage combines in a single whole the techniques of three therapies: linear massage, deep massage of muscle-tendinous meridians and manual therapy with yoga elements, through which the energy system of a person is revealed. Another name for Thai massage is "yoga massage". It is through the mild stretching and massaging of energy lines by the method of Thai yoga massage, the tension of the body is removed, the energy channels of the organism are opened, which activates blood circulation, promotes muscle relaxation, increases their elasticity, stimulates metabolism in the blood and lymph vessels, increases their tone, improves mobility of the joints, toxins and slags are eliminated from the body, while also reducing the risk of blood clots and vascular occlusion, increases and strengthens the body's immunity in general. As such, the concept of "Thai massage course" does not exist. If possible, it is recommended to do it daily (or at least, every other day) to maintain the balance of all organs and systems of the body.

In Thailand, this is a kind of daily exercise for prolonging life, improving the tone, relieving tension and maintaining health for many years!


Traditional Thai massage session

Client wears light clothes made of natural fabric. Oils and creams with traditional Thai massage are not used. Massage is carried out on a special mat, made of rubber tree juice. During the session, which lasts 1 hour, you need to be as relaxed as possible, completely trust the masseur. Massage is performed by the technique of smooth stretching of muscles, joints, spine, tendons, pressing the whole palm and forearm on the reflex zones and lines of meridians. All this contributes to the removal of stress, nervous tension, sleep improvement, work of the gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary system, oxygenation of organs and tissues, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart and the human brain (prevention of heart attacks and strokes).