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Thai massage for children

This is a specially developed technique of healing massage, gentle and delicate. We recommend oil massage for children from 4 years old, and traditional Thai and traditional Thai massage + pahop (with hot herbal pouches) - from 10 years. An experienced master will get along with the child very well, and the massage will be fun and pleasant. The masseur will carefully warm the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs, carefully stretch the joints apart, and also pay attention to the special energy points and channels that are responsible for the condition of the internal organs. As a result of Thai massage, the tone of blood vessels improves, a healthy blush appears, activity and good mood increases!


Massage effects:
  • Improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow;

  • Relaxation of the central nervous system;

  • Improved elasticity of joints and muscles;

  • Increased resistance to stress;

  • Restoration and strengthening of immunity.