Massage of head and neck-cervical area

Everyone needs these procedures. In this massage several techniques are used at once; thanks to them it is possible to clean energy channels, so that the streams of vital energy can freely move through the body, which helps to restore a sense of balance and harmony. The main techniques are – alternation of gentle circular motions and strong pressing of the master's fingers, stroking the forehead and nose, the auricles, where the important acupuncture points are concentrated. Such work with energy meridians brings instant relief from minor, and sometimes, chronic headache and discomfort. Massage of the head will fill you with energy; improve the blood circulation, growth and health of the hair. Hands of the master will produce a calming and placatory effect on the nervous system, giving a signal to the brain through the nerve endings on the skin. This massage perfectly removes the headache and migraine. Massage of the neck-cervical area relieves stress and weight of problems from tired shoulders.

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