Foot massage (traditional Thai foot massage)
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Foot massage (traditional Thai foot massage)

It’s one of the most pleasant and relaxing procedures, with a considerable useful effect. On the feet there are more than 60 acupuncture points - the projection of the internal organs. Thanks to the unique Thai technique of pressing and massaging these points, fatigue and swelling of the feet are removed, blood pressure is normalized, pains in the lower back, muscles and joints pass, arthritis and headaches are less, insomnia disappears, problems with digestion, malaise caused by stress, improve lymph and blood circulation, work of the internal organs of the body.

Traditional Thai foot massage session

The master with the help of fingers and a special stick for foot massage, made of teak wood, gently and effectively debugs the work of the whole organism, acting on the biologically active points of the foot and shin - projections of the organs and systems of the human body. For this type of massage is used a massage foot cream with moisturizing, soft, light and gentle texture and smell of a Thai Moke flower. The cream is completely absorbed by the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it, leaving no sticky sensation. The cream retains a long time feeling of freshness and moisturizing, is enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients, and has antibacterial properties.

Massage begins traditionally - with the procedure of washing the client’s feet. In Thailand, this is a kind of ritual that carries a multitude of cultural meanings. Thus, the master shows his/her respect and disposition towards the client. Then, with sliding and superficial movements, he/she prepares feet for a reflex massage. The master performs stretching movements, acting on the ligamentous apparatus of the foot and starting from the pads of the fingers, sinking to the heel and rising up the shin almost to the knee, with pressing and deep pressing movements, starts to work with the acupuncture points of the foot and shin. The massage of the feet ends again with sliding movements of the palms along the entire surface of the feet.


Please note that regular foot massage:

• Improves the performance of internal organs and body systems;

• Strengthens immunity;

• Increases metabolism;

• Stabilizes the activity of the central nervous system: sleep improves, the effects of stress are eliminated, brain activity is stimulated and memory strengthens;

• Blood pressure, blood circulation and lymph flow of body tissues is normalized.