Massage with bamboo sticks
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Massage with bamboo sticks

Bamboo - a symbol of elegance and longevity.

Massage has come to us from the East many years ago. Eastern  healers believe that bamboo gives head and mental energy thinking. Massage with bamboo sticks has no age restrictions. Those who work at the computer in the office, spend a lot of time behind the wheel - a massage is a must. Massage with bamboo sticks very well relieves stress, depression, beautifully and effectively removes muscle tension. Restores energy balance needed for chronic fatigue. The main purpose of massage with bamboo sticks -is the harmonization of energy and the processes occurring in the body. The therapeutic effect achieved by contraction and expansion of blood vessels, due to the normalization of the local blood circulation and lymph circulation restoration. Therefore, it is recommended for almost all people:

  • Enhance the metabolic processes of the internal organs and skin,

  •  The prevention and fight against excess fat deposits and cellulite,

  • Normalization of the lymphatic system and blood circulation,

  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system,

  • Improve circulation and prevent varicose vein disease,

  • Normalization of the body after physical and mental fatigue,

  • Get rid of stress and muscle tension,

  • Normalization and improve sleep.